June 6th, 2006


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Yay for freeways...  Over the weekend we travelled 820 km in 3 sessions.  We travelled to Sydney on Saturday to visit groovemerchant for a couple of parties, then on Monday morning, we had to drive to Canberra to sign the lease of our new place.  Obviously then we had to drive home.  We were totally knackered but we made it.

So, the house is finalised, bond has been paid and lease signed.  We move house on Tuesday.  Sal is moving down and I'm keeping a few things to move into Mum and Dads place while I look for work.  I hope to be only a few weeks. While we were in Canberra yesterday, I met with someone from a recruitment agency.  While she said there wasn't much out there, she was going to try her best to find something for me.  I've also found a few other jobs to apply for this week.  I also have to organise a hire truck as removalists are just not affordable for us.

I hope I find something fast, Sal isn't too keen on us being apart. However, her Sister will be living with us for the remainder of the year so it shouldn't be too bad while I'm away.