May 18th, 2006


(no subject)

Well, it's been a while since I've posted here.  To be quite honest I've not had anything to say, my life has continued on in it's boring kind of way.

I'm still fighting that addiction that is World of Warcraft.  I have found that I can say, in advance, "I'm not going to play that day, I will spend time with my family", but I'm finding that due to commitments I've made, I can't do it often.  I'm not about to dump everything, being the leader of a 'raiding guild', I'm committed to leading this group of people.  I still enjoy it, but I find my personal life degrading around me, so I need to find a balance.  On the other hand, it very much depends on what Sally's feelings are at the time.  For instance, I took last night off raiding, but Sal had a bad day at work and after a small altercation, Sal didn't want me hanging around, but I'm sure she appreciated me coming to bed before midnight for a change.  I actually got to work on time for once! :P

Work is tolerable at the moment, being on Maintenance for the last 18 months has been quite frustrating, not being able to do anything new has kept me down a bit.  However, I was given a task of developing a new feature to an application I wrote a couple of years ago, so it's been rejuvinating.  It's in Java too, so it's been good to get my hands into some coding I enjoy for a change.
With all the 'trouble' that Sal has had in the last week or so at her work, she's had a look around for something new.  She found a job in Woden that she's starting to show a real interest for. I've suggested that she should apply, if just for the experience.  I think she is, yet till she physically does, it's still in the air (despite her telling me she will).  She is quite hesitant to go through change, move out of her comfort zone etc.  She worries what I will do if she gets a new job in a new place, I reassure that I will find something, someone with my qualifications shouldn't have much of a problem in a large capital city.  As someone who moved around a lot when I was younger, following Dad's work, I find moving exciting and a challenge at the same time.  I worry sometimes, but then I put it aside and look at the bright side of it, but that's just me. :)