June 27th, 2005


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To the Hon. John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia,

It has been brought to my attention by my Wife, Sally, that Canberra is too far away from Bathurst. 
Due to the fact that Sydney is only 2 hours 30minutes drive from Bathurst, She feels that it is only logical
that Canberra be closer to Bathurst for her shopping pleasure.
Thus the request is that Canberra be moved approximately 100 kilometers north of it's current position,
placing it somewhere between Boorowa and Yass.  This would ensure the happiness of all people wishing
to shop in Canberra, who couldn't be bothered driving to Sydney.

Yours Sincerely,


More DVDs

I bought some more DVDs on the weekend on our day trip to Canberra.  I found the first 2 seasons of ALIAS on special at Sanity music so I snapped those up.  I also bought the StarWars: Clone Wars DVD - this is the cartoon series that links the movies Episode 2 and 3 together.  I also found Star Trek: Insurrection and Baseketball - man, that movie still brings me to tears (of laughter).  I might go see if I can find the other Star Trek movies, I have "The Voyage Home" and "Nemesis" on video, but they are both very poor copies (ex rentals), so I might get the DVDs of them anyway.

Oh, I can also say I have now watched every single episode of Star Trek Voyager.  Without a doubt the best series IMO.  I was left a little disappointed with "Endgame" (the last episode) but oh well, what can you do.  Onto getting some more Enterprise and probably Deep Space 9 I think :)
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