April 27th, 2004


But why is rum gone!

I found this LJ user icon/avatar today, and seeing it fitted into a little joke me and mickachuMick have going, I thought it was appropriate and post it here.

The weekend was ok, not a lot happened... Saturday ended up being a bit of a vege day, I ended up playing Generals most of the day, went and had lunch with scoieTony and had dinner at my parents.

Sunday was annoying...  Got to soccer in the morning to find that the lazy sods from the Scots College were still on holiday so our game was called off.  So we went to the Bathurst Royal Show instead.  We haven't been for years, so we thought we'd go this year to see if it was good/changed/something.  I was actually very disappointed to find that it hadn't changed and was quite boring...

It would be very different if you were partaking in the show for some reason, if you had an animal on show or a giant vegetable... maybe we should see if our zucchinis are big enough to go in the big vegetables section...  They're pretty big.

Yesterday was chore day, one of my hated days... but I guess with all things we don't like doing, we have to get in there and do it at some stage.  I did the mowing and cleaning of bathrooms.  It was good to get them out of the way, means I don't have to do them for ages now.

I got back into Freelancer again yesterday too...  Although I'm not bothering with the single player story - been there, done that, bought the shirt.  I went straight into Multiplayer and started building up a character...  Although I went straight for piracy this time ;)  To get into the Outcasts base in New York, you have to kill lots and lots of Bounty Hunters until they like you.  It took me nigh on 7 hours to get enough kills and money to get into their base and buy their ship, the Dagger.  So, from here, I'll probably save up a heap of money and get them to like me so I can buy the uber weapons they have, then move on to the next system to see if I can get into their bases :) Fun fun.
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