January 8th, 2004


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gah missed a day... Oh well, I'll just back date it :P

Didn't do much yesterday, however was happy that it wasn't so hot. It was actually quite cool in the evening.

I should have stayed back at work for a bit yesterday to try and finish off some work before I go on holidays. It's just work that I couldn't be bothered doing though. I'm currently writing a section for an application that generates a PDF from information in a database. It's ok, not hard, just fucking time consuming. It's mind-numbing typing. I need to change my work hours from 9am-5pm to 1pm-9pm. I work so much better at night.

Got a bit of watering done, however some of the back lawn didn't get watered. I'll have to do that tonight. I hate weeds. I can't stop them... its annoying, you take some weeds out, a couple of days later there's more weeds there. I hate gardening. Give me a big lawn anyday... the only thing I have to do is mow the thing. None of this mucking around with gardens and gravel paths etc... *sigh*
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