September 22nd, 2003


Bonehead of the week...

Watched the swans go down on Saturday night... It was very much an up and down affair, with Sydney playing pretty well, then getting left behind a bit, but then catching up a bit later... That is until the last quarter, when Brisbane absolutely destroyed them...

I guess I should be happy though. So many people wrote Sydney off as the woodenspooners this season with a new coach and no Paul Kelly etc... Boy did they show them... 1 game from the Grand Final is a pretty good effort for a team expected to finish last.

Saw a couple of new movies too on the weekend... The first one I went and saw with my brother matt... It's quite hilarious to think about it now... We went to go see Pirates of the Carribean and had bought out tickets and joined a lineup outside the cinema entrance. When the time came to move in, we followed the line into the cinema. After watching the previews the movie started, but it wasn't the one we were expecting... Without realising it, we had walked into the cinema next to the one we were supposed to go into. So we ended up seeing Bad Boys 2 (good thing it wasn't a chick flick).

BB2 was ok, I'd probably only give it 3.5 out of 5, the action was fast and realistic, but some of the lines were just bad... It was pretty funny in places too. Hoozaaa!

Well, I went back and saw Pirates of the Carribean the next day by myself and well, I was just blown away. Johnny Depp was pretty damn awesome too. Couldn't find anything wrong with it. :) 5/5
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