August 18th, 2003


Another week bites the dust

Dammit... I know something has happened in the last week, but I just can't think of anything to write. :/

My Dad and I have started going to the Gym... Dad got me a 3 month membership at CityFit as part of a present from Pop (as pop didn't have anything specifically left for me in his will), so Dad, Sally and I are now going twice a week. Dad's actually going 3 times a week, but I have soccer training, which includes the dreaded "beep test" every week, so that counts as something.

I have also had my complimentary meeting with the Trainer, so I have a program to follow and stuff, so should be very interesting to see what results I get. It includes a weights program, which I have never done before. It'd be cool to see some muscles on me for a change :P

Soccer training is going well... For those HT nuts out there, you could say I have poor stamina in wretched form. I have better stamina than some people that were at training, but not much more :P I have wretched form because I haven't played a game in 15 years... maybe that should be disastrous then :P

As I said above we now have a "beep test" every week. Just ask me if you don't know what that is... I got to level 4.5 last week, so my goal is to get to level 5 this week. Stephen, my brother who also now goes to the same team, got to level 10 the freak... I think he was pushing pretty hard though... :)

Sally is well again after the sadness of 2 weeks ago. It didn't take long for the symptons to leave her, but the emotional stress obviously took a little longer. All is well now though and she's pretty keen for us to try again... We won't announce it until closer to 3 months this time. :P
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