June 3rd, 2003


We are teh undisputed champions of teh trivia!

We had a great day today at trivia! But bloody hell, the questions weren't easy. Some of them were quite toughies, some of them the answers were right on the tip of our tongue but we just couldn't place them (you know how it is).

However, we won the day by 2 points, and with 2 round wins, meaning we got $30 towards our kitty. We should start thinking about what we want to do with it. I'm thinking going somewhere for dinner for the team... Not sure where though...
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Not good enough

Indoor cricket tonight against our old adversary, Country Energy. Once again we tried valiantly, and once again we fell on our sword. We fielded fine, we just didn't score enough with the bat. Their opening pair scored 31 with only running 2 single runs! That just summed it up I think. The final score was 126-73. It didn't really matter though, as the top 4 have been decided and it wouldn't have changed the fact that we made it into the finals. YAY! It would have been nice to win over the team that we'd most likely play in the preliminary final (winner goes into grand final). Oh well, can't win them all.
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