November 1st, 2002


Animal must go boom boom! GRRRRRRRRR!

Man am I in a foul mood today. :( I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, because nothing is going right for me today. I am getting agro at a lot of things I see, for instance driving to work today, one guy drove up on the curve to get round cars at an intersection, and then a bus pulls right out in front of me, had I not anticipated exactly that there could have been a bit of a connection between my car and the bus - and then most probably my fist with the bus driver! :(
Then to top it all off, I've had enough of what goes on in the forum for our LAN. People just do nothing but insult other people about what they like doing. One guy asked a legitimate question about case modding stuff, which is fine, I helped out by providing some sites where he could look at ideas and where to get stuff. But then people started insulting him for wanting to mod his case, saying that he was a faggot for modding his case and that he should do shit like that. I mean, wtf? Where do people get off doing that? This is just not on. I'd had enough of the shit and the insults that go on in that forum so I shut it down. I'll let all the "culprits" give up on the forum and then I'll start it up again in a few weeks with a mega strict "no idiots" policy.

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die program die!

/me stabs program several hundred times with a rusty spoon...

Gah... still haven't worked out what the bug is... this is infuriating.

Oh well... weekend is here... HOME TIME!
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