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The end of the day brings rest and sustinence

OH boy, I am exhausted...

I am only just getting back to this, so bear with me.

Today wasn't one of my favourites, to be honest, I'm quite pleased to see it's ass end leaving me. Currently I am working for Charles Sturt University in Bathurst (yes I have returned home after working in Sydney for 18 months), and the people I work with are a rather interesting bunch.

The Department of Information Technology is split up over the 3 CSU campuses, and the Systems guys down at the Wagga Campus like to bring Databases down. Well, today they decided to do this, bring the database that I happen to be working on down to make a backup. Now a workmate and I have discovered a little trend that happens when they schedule maintence outages. It goes like this: Real down time = Time estimated * 4.5. That meant for most of today, I was doing sweet diddly, not a sausage, blinking nothing. So what did I do? Played Street Rod and participated in a flame war on my LANs forum. :|

Which brings me to another thing. The LAN that I help run... Bucalan... Gah, don't even get me started. We are growing at an alarming rate, and at our present venue we can't accomodate everyone that wants to come along. It's a new feeling for us, we have never had more than we can take before. It's not something we can't do, except that the venue we use, the Uniting Church here in Bathurst, can't take more than 55 odd computers. So, we are in the process of finding a new venue. Anyway, some suggestions were made on the forum for a venue, which happened to be a Nightclub. I mean the idea didn't really sit right with me to begin with, and I stated so, probably a little foolishly. After retracting the comments and looking into it, some people liked the idea. However, the idea still doesn't sit well with me. Now out of this, what really erks me is that people take me as a Bible Bashing, non-drinker, holy man that wants to shove religion down peoples throats. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone, but I'm not, far from it. I'll say one thing, and people just jump a mile to conclusion that there is some religious angle to it. It's really starting to bug me. Sometimes I just feel like saying "Stuff it, you can go with out Bucalan for a month", but I don't, cause I love doing it so much.

I also filled in for a D grade (D being lower than A, B, AND C ;)) Indoor Cricket game today... we lost, but 3 runs... very close game, but I had a blinder. It's ironic how you always pull off the freakiest catches and best batting and bowling performances when you're NOT playing for your own team! Oh well, better recouperate for my actual team's game tomorrow night.

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