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Whoops there goes a week...
I've just realised that the last time I posted in my journal was Monday. Not a lot has been happening then, so that would justify a pretty quiet journal for the week. :)

At work, I've been put onto a new project where I have to create a prototype of an Oracle form in HTML (ie for the web). It's not going to be easy because forms are complicated mofo's... Think of the most complicated MS Access DB you can think of and multiply that by 1000 times, then you have my prototype. :/ I have to have it done by the end of Thursday too. Oh well, life is short. :)

Not much really to say. Just letting you know I am still here. :P

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yay! you're still here!

good luck with the Oracle :) my mom wasn't too pleased with how difficult those forms are.

Glad you're still here...

That last note was from Michelle by the way...

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