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My Source Code

Living Life; One Line of Code at a Time...

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Finally got that bug! Grrr... That was the most annoying bug I have ever had to try and fix! 4 days for one tiny problem! I am just glad it's over with.

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YAY! dance like a monkey!

If anyones gunna find it it would be you dude. Good work.

I'm glad you got that darn bug, it's annoying, but the best feeling when you find it :)
I've moved my journal too! http://www.mishell.blogspot.com Hope you will visit me :D

But then you won't come up on my friends page :(

Oh well...

/me adds Michelle to his bookmark page.

Yeah I know :/
I have this compulsive urge to play with html though, and lj doesn't let me do that! Plus I am going to need somewhere to put my webcam when I get it [soon] and lj won't let me do that either :( So bring on Blogger! :D

Michelle (http://mishell.blogspot.com)

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