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Where to start??
Damn, weekends just don't last long enough do they? I mean, it's not the fact that I didn't want to be at work, it's the fact that for all the things you have planned for a weekend, it just flies by too quick to reign in and get everything done, it's over before you can blink your third googleplexian eye! :)

Saturday was great, Bucalan went really well. You know part of me actually prefers smaller LANs to organise as we only needed one room to set/pack up, not as many mouths to feed, not having to run between rooms repeating announcements and just easier all round. We had 31 there on the day which was a good turn out for the time of year (end of year exams, HSC etc).

I gave into the wierd little voices in my head too and ended up taking my pc along, which I am glad in a way, as I didn't set up straight away and it only took me 30 mins of sitting there watching other people to get my computer out. :P

That morning I was doing a bit of running around as well... I ended up getting myself a new mobile phone, which I had wanted for a while. I had finished the plan I was on for my other phone, so I owned it outright. I thought it time to update myself with some of the latest technology in mobile phones. You know what the first thing people asked me about it when they knew I had a new phone? Go on, guess... :)

Sunday was a blur, too short to be able to do anything or remember anything non-ground breaking. Spent most of the afternoon out at the in-laws as we still had some stuff of groovemerchant's stuff from Bucalan that he uses every day.

Also over the weekend, my work PC hit it's 500th work unit for SETI@Home! :)

Well, back at work, and I still can't figure out what's wrong with that report. However, I am much closer to figuring it out. Let's see if I can get it before the end of today.

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Michelle [http://www.mishell.blogspot.com]

Oh, tell me about the weekend going quick! Mine went nowhere, although it was still nice :)
Are you in the MandyCam SETI thing, or a different one?
Also, lol at the little voices in your head :D

Re: Michelle [http://www.mishell.blogspot.com]

No, I'm in a CSU one that I started...

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