Chris (bovinator) wrote,

My girls.

It's been a while since I've posted about my girls, so I thought I'd update you all on how they're going.

Caitlin is growing up very fast, now 19 months old. Almost a full mouth of teeth, which can be a scary sight if you wake up to them in your face! She's learned quite a few words and can respond to questions. For instance, we can ask her what a cow says, and her response will be 'Moooooooo!' She's walking quite well now, although still a little unsteady but we suspect she's inherited her mother's uncoordinated nature (that and her feet are quite small).

Caitlin has also slept in a 'big girls bed' a couple of times, although we're not ready to have her sleep in it all the time. She's usually pretty good sleeping, so she didn't have any trouble going to sleep and staying there. However, in the morning, we have no idea how long she was up and was in our room yelling at us to get up around 6 in the morning. So until we're confident about her roaming the house by herself, she's staying in her cot.

Laura is also growing fast, and big to boot. She's gone off the charts for her weight and height, which is not always a bad thing. Like Caitlin, she's a very happy child (which is great for us) and she's very responsive to her surroundings. She loves watching TV with Mummy and Daddy after her bottle and watches intently! She's able to roll over already (at 5 months) and tries to bring her knees up under her as if to start crawling, but that might be a bit down the track.

Here's a few photos of the girls.

Tags: baby, baby achievement, caitlin, laura

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