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WWDC; San Fran days 4, 5, 6, and 7

 Tuesday was the first full day of WWDC sessions, which I aimed for some iPhone beginner sessions.  I rocked up at 9am for the start, skipping breakfast due to the high sugar content and found the beginner session full.  Something that became quickly apparent was there were a lot of beginner iPhone developers, so I needed to get to sessions earlier.  Instead I went to a session on user interface design best practises.  Other sessions I attended were on the Xcode development tools and the APIs for developing iPhone applications.  

After lunch, I went for a walk around San Francisco's CBD with a couple of other people from the Australian group I was with.  Taking in some sights like the CBD end of the Cable car run.  That night was the Annual Apple Design Awards, where they award some really fantastic prizes to people who develop outstanding iPhone and OSX applications; something I can aspire to one day.  Afterwards, while some stayed for 'Stump the Experts', the rest of us found the Westfield shopping centre for dinner.

Wednesday was a day for the iPhone developers, so I tagged along to sessions about the Interface Builder and developing iPhone applications.  I tried my own hand at an iPhone application and found it surprisingly doable considering my exposure to the tools and language.  That night, in my hotel room, I had my laptop's power adapter die on me, so I just watched TV before going to sleep.

Thursday morning I decided to do some washing as I needed clean clothes and there, luckily, wasn't an applicable session I wanted to attend.  After I'd washed my clothes, I headed to the San Francisco Apple Store to see if I could get my power adapter replaced under warranty.  I discovered I had to book an appointment and that I couldn't get one until 8.15 that evening, so headed back to the conference for the afternoon sessions including a brilliant presentation on Technoarchaeology.  A group of people had found the tapes that had the images recorded by the lunar probes that circled the moon prior to the landing on the moon.  The speaker was great to listen to, speaking about finding a machine that can play the tapes, convert them to digital and clean them up to a better quality than the originals ever were.  You can see more info here.  

After Thursday's sessions was the WWDC bash.  Every year, Apple hold a massive party where they put on food, drink and a band for the whole conference.  In past years, it's been held on the Apple campus, but considering the number of attendees has grown exponentially, they ended up hosting it in San Francisco (it's an hours drive to the Apple campus from San Francisco).  Last year the band was the Barenaked Ladies, this year was Cake.  A good time was had by all.  Unfortunately I couldn't get any photos because I had anticipated going back to my hotel room before the Bash, but considering I had to go back to the Apple store to replace my power adapter I didn't have a camera with me at the Bash.

Friday was the last day of the conference.  I went to the first session in the morning which was on text processing in the new OSX API, which was pretty cool.  After that, James and I went around the conference centre taking photos of the location.  I had lunch with a few of the guys from Australia, then afterwards, I went down to Fisherman's Wharf with James Pamplin (another Australian delegate).  

Fisherman's Wharf is like a huge side-show alley kind of attraction place.  It features the San Francisco version of the Hard Rock Cafe, numerous souvenir shops and the departure location for the harbour tours.  James and I booked a harbour tour which went out to the Golden Gate Bridge and then back around Alcatraz Island.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a tour to Alcatraz because it was booked solid till the day after I left.  After the tour, we made our way back to the CBD on the Cable car and went to the AUC (Apple University Consortium) farewell dinner at Buca's Italian Restaurant, which was fantastic.
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