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Heading off
Silent Bob
Well, I'm off to Sydney tomorrow night on the XPT before flying to the US on Saturday afternoon.  I packed my suitcase tonight - well, Sal did... I started, but she said I was hopeless and did it for me. :P  

I'll be blogging the technical part of my trip (touristy stuff will be posted here) over at my Tech blog, so jump over there and book mark it. :)

I had my weigh in for Biggest Loser tonight, at 131.3 kgs, which is a loss of 1.8 kgs for this week.  I've lost a total of 6.5 kgs so far and I was biggest loser again this week.  I think after two weeks in a row, I think I'd have to be close to leading the group, but about half the people have been away for at least the last week and quite possibly two weeks, so there could be some other people that have lost more.  It doesn't worry me though, as I'm only competing against myself.  I want to lose 20 kgs over the 12 weeks and I'm well on track to do that.

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Bon voyage Chris boy!!

hissychick xx

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