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Avatar or two...
Yes I know I should be working... I am sorta... :) I'm waiting for a report to run, so I am amusing myself whilst I wait.

I saw that groovemerchant was fiddling with some avatars, so I decided to have a look... The site groovemerchant linked to didn't have much that I liked, I didn't know what half of them were from either, so I mucked around with a few of my own creations.

Indoor Cricket is on tonight... first game back into the new season. Expectations will be high seeing we made minor premiers last season, so I am hoping we just have fun and a good game.

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Have fun at cricket!
I like this avitar! I'm hopeless at coming up with that stuff!

To tell you the truth, I didn't make it, I cropped it out of a wallpaper that was a little too risque for work :P I'm pretty crap at graphical design, but making an avatar out of something else isn't that hard. :)

Who made yours?

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