Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Biggest Loser

 A couple of weeks ago, I entered into a competition being run here in Bathurst called 'Bathurst's Biggest Loser'.  It was launched off the back of the latest season of Channel Ten's Biggest Loser TV show, although it has no real link to the show other than the end goal.  If you've been living under a rock, the idea is that over 12 weeks, you attempt to lose weight, while attending weekly classes on nutrition and healthy living.  The person who has lost the greatest percentage of their original weight is deemed the biggest loser.  A small rego fee goes to make the winner's prize which isn't too bad.

My first weigh-in was 137.8 kgs and in the two weeks since I've lost 2.6 kgs which isn't a bad start.  I'm going to work towards 2 kgs per week which will mean around 20 kgs after the 12 weeks.

A downside is that the people running it are Herbalife product distributers so they're pushing their products every chance they get.  I don't want to use any kind of product like that.  Some people are using it, for instance, the biggest loser this week (lost 3.7kgs!) is using Celebrity Slim.  I feel kind of disadvantaged this way, but I guess I am really in it to lose weight, the prize is just a bonus.
Tags: me, weight-loss

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