Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Have a Second Honeymoon!

Caitlin has gone away for a week with her grandparents this week.

O. M. G.

I'd forgotten what silence sounded like!  Without trying to sound too harsh, you certainly do notice when Caitlin isn't around.  She only has one volume setting at the moment; Race Announcer volume!  I do miss her terribly, but it has been good to get a bit of quiet for a change.

It's been funny, really, as I've found that Sal and I talk a lot more with Caitlin not around. It's amazing how preoccupied we are when we have an 18-month old running around.  Sal also remarked that she was bored the first evening because she usually runs around cleaning up after the munchkin once she's gone to bed.  It has been good for us, relationship wise, which was needed I think.
Tags: caitlin, sally and i

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