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One to remember?

I had an interesting weekend, to say the least.  Here's a whirlwind summary: put up shade cloth and polycarbonite shade on the pergola, played soccer for the first time in six months, drove to Sydney, nailed an L plater, played WoW with some friends and visited some family.

Saturday was spent putting up some new shade cloth on the pergola at our place.  The old stuff was damaged removing a dead grapevine from the beams of the pergola.  We also got some polycarbonite panels to make a covered section at one end.  We spent two hours at Mitre 10 getting the stuff (service was a bit slow for some reason), half an hour of which was spent tying the polycarbonite to the trailer (the sheets were rolled up but still 4.2 m long).  Putting up the cloth was pretty easy and simple, the polycarbonite was a different story.  We got there in the end, with the last screw going in just as it got pitch black outside.  My Dad helped me out with it, so it was great to spend some time with him putting it up.

Sunday I played my first game of outdoor soccer in six months.  I was originally supposed to be keeper, but we brought in our 3rd grade keeper for the first half, only to have casseross get injured, so he kept for the rest of the game (brilliantly so though, despite his injury!).  We lost the game 8-2 I think (I lost count), mainly due to the fact that we only had 7 players (which meant a 4 man overlap on the field for the uninitiated).  Hopefully we get some more players soon.  On the up side... I SCORED!!!!  My first ever outdoor goal.  It was a set piece from a free kick just outside the 18 yard box.  I curved it round the wall, a defender got a head onto it but pushed it into the bottom corner of the goal.  The ref called it an own goal because the defender's header was definite, but I don't care, I scored... :)

After soccer, I drove Sal to Blaxland so she could do some shopping in the City, except roadworks at Lawson meant that we missed the train. I took her to Penrith to catch one there instead.  While heading there, I nailed an L plater.  Long story short, he gave way to the wrong direction at a round about coming off a railway overpass, I slowed down but not fast enough as my foot was sore from Soccer.  Braked a bit harder and the tires stopped and slid (downward slope from the overpass + greasy road from rain the whole day + not so great tires = skid) and slid about 2 metres into the back of him.  Not much damage was caused (surprisingly), just a mark from a part of the chassis sitting behind his rear bumper and the corresponding mark on my front bumper.  We moved off the road to exchange information and this is the bit that really gets me.  His mum was the observer and she got out and asked me for all my info, which I happily gave (as I was in the wrong, I tried to be as helpful as possible), then she started at me 'How could you hit an Learner driver?' I explained that it's wet, my foot was sore and I might not have been paying as much attention as I should have been' apologetically.  As she got back in her car she retorts 'Are you sure it wasn't deliberate?'  I stood there stunned as they drove off.

After dropping Sal off at Penrith Railway station, I drove back up with the girls to groovemerchant 's place and waited there till Sal finished.  skrop came and visted also and once the girls had had lunch and Laura was asleep (Caitlin refused to sleep) we had a bit of a bash at some WoW quests with mickachu .  Had some fun after a stressful and tiring morning.

Got home around 11.30pm and crashed. That was my weekend... :/

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