Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing!

Well, last Thursday I received approval to go to WWDC from the Exec Director of my division.  All systems go for the US.

The Easter Long Weekend was good, with the minor exception of some elevated stress levels on Friday night.

Friday, we spent the day out at Andrew's Capertee property for a BBQ lunch.  It was quite enjoyable to get away from the house for a bit.  Caitlin enjoyed the ability to walk around the open space.  Her walking is pretty good now, though still has work to do on her balance.  I think it's due to her small feet (for her size).

Friday night I had to organise getting things for The LAN together as Eph and Zebbie were not going to be there.  Cue stress.  Getting the Dizzy board wasn't a problem, I rang Jason from Bathurst Sound and Lighting and arranged a pickup.  The problem was getting Zebbie's gear, which consisted of the servers and the networking gear (cables and switches).  Zebbie was over in England visiting relatives and was due back on Sunday, after The LAN.  I rang Bron (his wife) to tee up a time to pick up the gear.  'The gear isn't here.'  Oh... Crap.  It turns out that Zebbie had mixed up the dates some how, most probably in his mad rush to get everything ready for his trip to the UK.  Anyway, a long story short and after a couple of calls from Zebbie from the UK, we had arranged to meet various people in locations where the gear was located.  For a two hour period that night I was off the wall.  

Saturday Morning, Eric (another admin) and I went around picking up all the gear (My car was already full - I need a trailor or van to fit it all really - so I was leading and we were putting the gear in Eric's car) and got to the Uni about 30mins late.  We finally got everything set up and ready to go only 45 minutes late.  Other than that, the LAN was a good one - albeit a bit smaller than usual but still good.

Sunday I spent marking.  I'm marking assignments for ITC140 at Uni, a C++ Programming subject being taught by one of my old lecturers, Errol Chopping.  It's a nice little bonus which will go straight into my US Trip spending coffers.

Monday was just a bludge day (as I needed it!).

The girls both have colds now and I've caught it too... bah!
Tags: caitlin, laura, me, work, wwdc

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