Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Still waiting and Ouch!

I'm still waiting for final approval for the WWDC trip from the Exec Director as my work will have to pay the remainder of the trip (the $3k covers just over half of it).  I'm having to postpone my passport interview again until this has happened as I don't want to pay for the passport if I'm never going to use it (and I mean that, there's a very slim to none chance I'll go overseas off my own bat in the next 10 years).

I hurt my foot last night at indoor soccer. Right at the kick off, I stuck my foot out to stop a shot and it cannoned into my big toe, right on the end.  It felt like it was broken at the time but I was able to play on kinda.  We've got a few new guys in the team, so many, infact, that we needed to split into 2 teams.  It will be fun when we come to play against each other.
Tags: injury, me, soccer, wwdc

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