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Voyager Hope
I found my original birth certificate this morning.  All that remains for me to organise my passport are photos and $208.  The photos are easy, $13 and a trip to the Post Office before Wednesday.  The $208 is the hard part.  I will have to call the Post Office and ask if they'll let the interview go ahead or will I need to reschedule when I do have the money.

As for other money for the trip, Sal and I have been working on ways we can maximise our budget between now and then.  We think we've got a pretty good plan, it just requires no unforeseen expenditures popping up (with two kids, this could be a challenge in itself).
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want donations?

"Send a poor project developer to a conference" fund.

I'd donate to that.


Are CSU covering the extra expenses the allocated scholarship doesn't cover? Are they covering food, or are you taking leave?

It sounds like you are in a fairly bad finical bind. Even if you are room sharing you'll probably end up going over the scholarship amount. Look at around $2000 AUD for the flight, and $280-300 AUD/night for accommodation (halve this for twin-share).

Then there are food costs (allow $30 USD/day for dinner, plus more for non-conference days). Travel costs to and from airport (allow $30 USD if you go via BART, more if via Taxi). Another $30 for drinks/food while at the airport (you are there waiting for around 3 hours). And other costs (such as touristy stuff).

I was around $500 over my scholarship amount last year (without the touristy stuff, as I did that the previous time). And that doesn't include prezzies!

It's not bad, I'm breaking even with a bit to spare. Sal's going to go back to work soon and I'll be doing some marking. With some shuffling around we reckon we can raise close to 3 grand.

CSU will cover food with Travel allowance, I think. I'm waiting to hear back from them.

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