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I won't be wearing flowers... :P
I've been nominated - and confirmed - to attend this year's Apple WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in San Francisco, USA, in June.  It'll be my first time overseas, so already, the moment I was confirmed, I feel nervous.  

I'll have to start by getting my passport today, as I'm told, the sooner you get it organised, the less you stress about it and apparently it can take a month or two to come through.

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It can take a while, but usually doesn't; most people get it in a couple of weeks assuming they've filled out all the forms properly and haven't forgotten anything. So I'm sure you'll be fine.

Pretty exciting, you're most probably going to have an absolutely awesome time over there! Also first time overseas to an English speaking country (where they generally like Australians) is a plus. ;) You ain't got nothing to worry about!

Yeah, I'll get it done today sometime and see how I go.

I will have to dig up my passport photos...

Businesses used to have a "pay to make it faster" option.

Not sure if it still exists...

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