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The Big Three-Oh
tomorrow in australia
So I'm now 30...  It hasn't really dawned on me yet, but I'm sure it will...  I had some family and a few friends over for a BBQ and much merriment was had.  I received a few pressies, notably a Yamaha 5.1 Entertainment system and the WiiFit.  Sally and I have started daily exercise with the WiiFit, hopefully with some walking and my soccer we can see some results.

Speaking of soccer, I have a decision to make.  Soccer, for me, is a fitness medium and I enjoy it as well.  I play indoor soccer (for an hour) on Tuesdays and I've just registered to play with an outdoor team which play on Sundays (a couple of hours taken up).  I also help run The LAN one day a month and I've recently agreed to help my Dad one day a month.  Does this sound like a lot to you?  I've just been approached by a colleague asking me if I was interested in joining a concert band, as he knew I'd been looking for a band to play my bass guitar.

Sal and I had a pretty big argument last night about how much I am doing and that any more would be too much.  I thought I wasn't and Sal thought I was... cue argument... It wasn't pretty.  When I think about it, if I added the band in (an hour or so on Mondays), that's two nights and sometimes a third each week.  I've already decided to come home at dinner on LAN days for the next few months.  The catch is, that the concert band is only just starting up, if I pass on the chance, there may not be an opening for a bass guitarist in x months time.  I could give Indoor a break for a season, as it's all year around.  Outdoor soccer is winter only.  I need to think on it and quickly...

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In reality Chris boy thirty is just a number and a birthday another day ending in y. That's what I keep telling myself when trying to ignore my own impending birthday. Then again, I guess we should just be thankful for making it this far!

As for all your activities...I am going to side with Sally on this one. You have two very little littlies and this is an intense time and you are needed. If you are taking on all those things then where is the family time...or the chance for Sal to get some respite and do her own thing?!

hissychick xx

Sal had that same argument... Family time is every other moment I am there which is largely the majority. I'm not going to take it all on, which is why I'm considering dropping something temporarily so I can take up the band which won't be around later (or at least the bass spot).

I think you need to explain that Soccer for you is a fitness regime, rather than "fun time". If you don't do it, you'll die at age 40, which will "inhibit" the amount of time you can spend with Sally and the family.

Many people go for a walk/jog every day for fitness (lets say totalling 6/7 hours a week). Indoor soccer + outdoor soccer is still less than this. Then most people have a couple of hobbies in addition to this.

That said, I dropped The LAN as I was getting stressed out with my workload. If you do find you need to drop something, Indoor Soccer sounds like the way to go. We are fine on numbers, and have Eric and Sam wanting to step in if we do run low, so no need to feel guilty if you bail :-)

Indoor soccer is at the top of the list I think. It'll probably just be for the winter season, while Laura is so young.

Sal and I want to go walking regularly as well, so that might be ok for the fitness replacement.

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