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ICQ is dull lately...

Well, I finally got one problem out of the way at work... not until after one of the servers went down for a few hours due to running out of swap space. I left work moderately calm... :)

Sally is off at the ballet tonight... yes, the ballet. It's a big thing for Bathurst... we don't usually get big performances like this. And I don't get many nights to myself like this.

/me goes and plays a game!

Oh, the ICQ thing... Ever since I have left Uni, my ICQ list has been becoming increasingly boring. No longer is it a chat medium, but a medium to see how many people you can get on your list that you don't even talk to and have online at the one time. I wish for the days that I had 4 conversations going at once with friends. Tony knows what I am talking about, he is stuck having to put out ICQ bushfires most nights. ;P Oh well... I guess no one wants to talk to me. :(

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