Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Four Weeks In...

Well, Laura is almost four weeks old now.  It's been tough - more so on Sally - having the two children now but we were under no illusions it wasn't going to be. 

Laura is doing well, feeding well and growing.  The only problem (isn't really a problem) is that she doesn't settle very well in the evening and night.  She is great during the day only to be grumpy and want constant cuddles at night when Mummy and Daddy want to sleep.  It's led to a few sleep-deprived arguments  and hissyfits (you'd be proud Em) but we're getting through it.  

We're going to trial a regular routine during the day to try and prevent long sleeps so that Laura has the right amount of feeds with the hope that she'll be easier to settle at night (she's sleeping 5, sometimes 6 hours during the day when she should be having feeds every 4 hours).

Caitlin is being adorable with her.  Always wanting to sit next to her and pat her on the head.  It's quite adorable to watch - I'll try and grab some video of it.

Caitlin is also very almost walking.  She can do a few steps now so it literally won't be long till she's walking I guess.  Everyone is now 'Daddy' and she can say 'star' (we put some glow-in-the-dark stars on her bedroom ceiling).

I go back to work on Monday, so Sal's going to have to wrestle the two during the day and I'll try and help out at night... Should be an 'interesting' time...
Tags: baby achievement, caitlin, laura, sally and i

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