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A friend of mine's sister was killed yesterday in a car smash near Narromine.  Her boyfriend and the driver of the other car were also killed.  It's always horrible to hear about the death of someone related to a friend (second friend in a week), but even more so when they're taken away by someone else.  Apparently the lady in the other car caused the accident by swerving onto the wrong side of the road and the last minute and that they couldn't do anything about it (but it's still early days, police are still investigating).  It just goes to show, how vulnerable we are when we drive our cars, that anyone could just take us out.
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Its all pretty shit. :(

From the story it sounds like another reason for mandatory retesting once you get your seniors card.

Another thing to reflect on (in regards to preventing this kind of thing) is the fact that newer cars are getting safer - and that finally some of the high-end safety features and standards are filtering down to cheaper and more affordable models.

The next obvious step is to start dramatically reducing CTP premiums based on EuroNCAP or ANCAP safety rating to offset (and encourage people to dispose of older, less safe cars) the cost of newer and safer cars.

I'm not going to say that there is many cars that will have surviving occupants in a 100-110km/h head-on collision - but advances are being made, and hearing of stories where people are being pulled out of highway speed wrecks alive are becoming more and more common.

Really sorry to hear this mate, horrible news. :( I hope your friend and their family are doing okay.

As do we all here at work. He just resigned (after 10 years) to take a new job in Melbourne as a Senior Unix Admin at Toll, he may have even only just started last week I think. A big change for his family, and then this was thrown at him.

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