Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Waiting for the call...

Well, Sally is now 38 weeks pregnant, and according to the doctor, she could go into labour any day. So we're just going on like normal, but I can't help thinking every 5 minutes whether today is the day.  It's got me on the edge, I tell you! 

Everything is set, Sal's been quite efficient and has been annoyingly nesting (her words!).  Sal's parents are set to take Caitlin when the time comes, so everything is ok to go, just have to wait for the starters gun, as it were.  I've always wondered what it be like if it started during the day, having to leave work etc, probably no different to last time, except with less sleep deprevation.

Ah well, we'll just have to wait and see eh?
Tags: baby, sally and i

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