Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Back into it

I got the results from the x-ray and CT scan yesterday.  Apparently I have a disc slightly protruding onto the left S1 nerve in my lower back.  The doctor said that it was pretty much what he was expecting, given the symptoms, and that the recommended treatment is physio and stretching.  He told me that it could come good anywhere between weeks and months, there's no real way of telling how long it would take.

I guess I'll look into some physio and see how it goes.  My foot is still numb, so I'm guessing that it'll remain that way until this disc rights itself.  It doesn't make me limp as much as I get more used to it being like it is.  I'm glad of this outcome, I was dreading something a bit more dramatic.  

Caitlin is starting to grow up a bit now, she's entering that problematic toddler stage.  She's nowhere near some of the horror's I've seen, but she can be quite rough.  When we hold her in our arms, she goes to take my glasses (or Sally's as we both wear them) off.  When I move my head to stop her and say no, she swings her arm and hits me in the nose in a downward slap kind of motion.  We will endeavour to just tell her she was naughty and put her down instantly but it's the sign that she's moved into that stage where we need to start being vigilant about her behaviour and not let her get away with too much or we will have a really naughty toddler on our hands.
Tags: caitlin, injury

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