Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Look Ma! No hands!

I had my x-ray and CT scan yesterday up at the hospital (yay for Medicare!).  It wasn't nearly as scary as I was expecting.  The CT scanner was just this donut thing that went up and back around the bed I was on, I didn't have to get changed or anything! (phew)  Same deal with the x-ray.  I'll have to call the doctor at the end of this week to see if there's any damage to the disc or problems therein.

Enough about me!

Caitlin has been learning to balance on her own two feet slowly but surely.  It started out as a mere couple of seconds, but she's now standing by herself for 8-10 seconds (I haven't seen longer yet), primarily where she's been leaning on a coffee table or something of similar height.  She tends to do it when she's not realising as well, for example, picking something up off said coffee table with both hands, standing there looking at it, then realising she's standing by herself before sitting down.  I dare say she'll be walking very soon - then I'm doooooooooooooooooooomed.
Tags: baby achievement, caitlin, injury, me

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