Chris (bovinator) wrote,

You didn't need that foot did you?

You ever get that feeling where you've had your legs crossed or have been sitting on your feet for a prolonged period of time and the limb goes to sleep?  The feeling of pins and needles when the circulation comes back?  Imagine that feeling not going away.  Now you know what I've had for the last 36 hours.

Wednesday night, I noticed that my left foot was numb, just like I described.  I had my legs crossed, so I figured it's just gone to sleep and I'll get up and get the circulation going again (I'd been using my computer for about 30minutes at the time).  An hour later, my foot was still numb. Starting to get a little worried.  I woke up the next morning, it was still numb.  Ok, I'm pretty worried by this point.

I wasn't able to get a doctor's appointment until 5pm that afternoon, but when I did go and see the doctor, he immediately said that I'd done something to my back.  The area of the numbness and the sensation of pins and needles constantly is something to do with the nerves in my lower back, possibly a disc protrusion onto one of the nerves.  Cripes, what have I done to myself?  The doctor gave me a referral for an x-ray and a CT scan of my lower back/spine to double check there's no serious disc or bone problem and ordered some physiotherapy to see if would come good by some loosening up.  He told me that they don't go rushing in and operating on these things unless they know nothing else will fix it.  At this point, I'm nearly crapping myself...  All the years of good body health, never needing to go to hospital for anything have all just ganged up and king-hit me in the face. Dramatic? Me? Never! :P

I'll book the x-ray and CT scan and see how we go from there... hopefully it won't come to the O-word.

In the mean time, I'm stuck with a numb foot.  It's weird, it's making me limp when I walk (due to my foot feeling like it's half missing), yet I feel no real pain... sometimes it aches, so there's some feeling in there, and it's all in my leg, I have no real back pain.  The only time I start feeling anything in my back is if I've been standing up for a prolonged amount of time (30mins or more).

Tags: injury, me, weird

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