Chris (bovinator) wrote,

And for another year, that was Christmas/New Years.

Welcome to 2009!

Christmas was a lot of fun this year, but then it should be, shouldn't it?  The family had a Christmas lunch with Sal's family on the 14th as some people would not be around on Christmas Day (visiting other halves' families etc).  Then on Christmas Day we had lunch with my family.  

I ended up getting a Wii from Sal's family, a nice watch from Sal and some Top Gear stuff from my family which is fantastic.  The Wii is a lot of fun, but Sal won't play with me so it gets boring quickly - I tend to play it in frequent short bursts.

Caitlin had a great Christmas, she was given a lot of presents, as one can imagine on her first real christmas - her second technically, but her first, at four weeks old, doesn't really count.  We ended up putting a lot of her presents away because she received so many and some of them are for when she's a little older, but she had a great time anyway.

New Years Eve was enjoyable as well.  We usually are pretty subdued in comparison to some parties, but this year (or last year I should say) we were invited around to our new neighbours house for BBQ tea and the party which was very nice of them.  Both our new neighbours are very very nice and Dave in particular (who invited us to NYE) has been very helpful, offering to do mowing around the front when we'd just moved in.  They have two teenage children, Jake and Taylor.  Taylor was very keen to meet Caitlin, she loves little kids apparently, so might be a handy babysitter there.
We actually have them coming over for dinner this weekend, so that should be good too.  We've never really had neighbours, or at least neighbours who communicate with us!

The coming of the second child (sounds ominous doesn't it) is getting closer, with Sal up to 35 weeks now.  Her bag is packed and the baby's room is ready, although we're going to have to clean all the bassinet sheets as Rosie has taken a liking to it.  So anytime between now and 5 weeks, we'll have a new addition to the family.

I just read that the company that owns LiveJournal laid off a lot of their software engineers recently, so it could be an interesting couple of weeks for this website.  Is anyone moving to another blog site? I have my technical blog on another server, I could easily move mine there.  I'll wait and see what happens...
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