Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Back in the Habit...

As I wait for WoW to reinstall (yes, I know...)  I realised I hadn't updated here for a while, so in order to make use of some otherwise boring time, here's an update.

We've moved house again. :P  With the forthcoming arrival of Number 2, we figured that we needed a bigger house.  One came up, we took it, here we are.  We moved last weekend, over three days.  Out of the last few times I've moved, I would call this move the worst, the most stressful and the most annoying.  I had the Friday off work to try and get as much as I could done before the weekend.  It was a good plan, until nature spat in my face, literally.  It was raining pretty much all day Friday, on and off again.  When I picked up the truck I had hired in the afternoon it had actually stopped, giving me (false) hope.  I had some friends from The LAN help me load it and just as we got the last few things on the truck, the rain started again.  

Unloading the truck was quick.  We had to be quick, or get wet.  We got wet. Very wet.  The rain got progressively harder as we unloaded it.  By the time we got to the fridge (the last thing on the truck) it was near pouring.  Ironically, that night we got 73mm of rain which was 10% of Bathurst's annual rainfall in one night.

Saturday and Sunday were a bit easier, in comparison, no rain as such, but the trips too and from the house just seemed to drag on and on and on.  Come Monday, I had to go back to work, we still hadn't quite finished.  Monday night, I was there until 9pm doing the final touches on the garden and in the house, the only thing left was for St Vincent de Paul's to come and pick up some stuff we wanted to get rid of/donate (which was another saga :/).  Keys went back on Tuesday afternoon and we were done.

This weekend was unpack all the stuff we'd dumped in the garage in the move...  We've made a large dent, cleared a place for our car and I'm back on the internet, thanks to my brother giving me a hand today.  The study still needs a bit of work, Sal wants to share it, so I need to go through my things to see what I don't need and maybe get rid of.

We've caught the ebay bug a bit at the moment.  Sal decided to sell a handbag last week, which sold for $180 (it was a leather Country Road bag). So we're looking out for things we can sell as we unpack.  Hopefully we can make a few payments of bills with the extra cash we make.

Christmas this week, most of my family will be up (Matt's overseas), so I'm looking forward to it.  I love hanging out with my folks, reminds me of the good ol' days of when we were a big family, all at home. Good times.

Well, I'm actually about to fall asleep, so I'll sign off.  I would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.
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