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I’ve been in Melbourne for the last four days for a conference for Sakai as well as a work meeting with a couple of Sakai experts.  It’s been a lot of fun, I don’t come to Melbourne very often.

I’m actually writing this from the plane on my way back to Sydney.  I can’t submit it yet, but here’s me writing it. ;)

Caitlin had her first birthday on Sunday.  It was a great day, which ended up being held out at Sal’s parents house because of the cold, wet snap we got last weekend.  Caitlin received a lot of toys for presents, so I think she’s set for a while.  A colleague of Sal’s made Caitlin’s birthday cake, a number one, covered in pink icing with white icing flowers on it.  It was funny watching her trying to figure out what the icing on the cake was.  We had given her a small piece off the end, which had a bit more icing on it.  She put her hand on the icing and was perplexed about the feeling and didn’t end up eating it.
The next day, after a party at Kindy, we gave Caitlin a cupcake and she devoured that instantly.

She is not far away from walking.  She is quite adept at moving around, crawling and walking on her knees while holding onto something, like a table.  She has also figured out how to walk with her legs.  She lifts her leg, bends it at the knee and moves it forward.  The only thing holding her back is her lack of balance.  Once she works balance out, there’ll be no stopping her.  People are saying 1-2 months, but I’m thinking a little longer.

Making the news lately has been the ABC Childcare collapse.  Over 1200 centres in Australia and New Zealand left in the lurch with no apparent funding and threatened with subsequent shut down.  Sal actually works for one ABC centre, as a room leader in the pre-kindy room.  Her centre has been one of the centres listed for further financial review pending sale or closure by the administrators.  Things are very uncertain at the moment and the staff of the centre know just as much as myself from news reports.  Sal will go on maternity leave in a few weeks, so she may not have a job after Christmas, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I'm submitting this from Sydney Airport now, after landing an hour late and finding our connecting flight back to Bathurst has been also delayed 90mins.  Fun!  We've just had an announcement that boarding will commence in about 15mins, so that's a positive thing.

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Before you know it she's be on the go Chris boy, if you are especially lucky she will start walking around the time number 2 arrives ;-P

Obviously you got home OK? As for ABC centres...don't get me started. Fingers crossed for Sal too.

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