Chris (bovinator) wrote,

So why should we pick you for the job?

We are moving again.  Yes, again...  We have been worried about our current house for a while now, with Number 2 on the way.  Even though I really hate the notion of having to do it all again, I do accept that this place just won't be big enough with 2 kidlets running around.

We have found a place, which is four bedrooms (to this one's three), and it's actually affordable.  It was only available December/January so we had to make a decision, so we decided to take it.  As a result, existing tenants move out in three weeks, so we can move in in four.  So, between now and then, I have to do the whole clean thing, so it's not a mess when the Real Estate brings people through.

I had a job interview today.  As part of a internal restructure, all senior positions are available for applications (despite having people in them already).  So some people had to go for their own jobs (and some people didn't get their own jobs back!).  While no one will lose their job, the prospect of a demotion because someone beat you to your own job would be demoralising.  I'm currently just a level 6 programmer, so it's not classified as 'senior' so my actual position isn't up for grabs.  However, I did apply for a Technical Specialist in Applications position, which is a level higher (another five or so grand per year).  The interview wasn't too bad, not nearly as technical as I was expecting, but still got stumped on the ol' sell yourself question.  It happens every interview and every time I stall and can never think of anything.  I managed to get an answer out, which wasn't too bad in the end, but still stumbled through it.  I should find out by the end of the week.

Oh Hissychick, it turns out that these interviews don't require referees, so you're off the hook this time. ;)

Caitlin turns one on Sunday.  Woweeeeee, where did the year go?!  We have a BBQ planned for Sunday, with some people invited, so it should be fun. I hope Caitlin enjoys it...

One last thing, Geoff, I'll be in Melbourne for 4 days next week for work (Tuesday to Friday), care to meet up one evening?  I'm not sure of my evening itinerary, but I'm sure we can organise something if you want to?
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