Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Let me just sit down for... wait, I'll be back in a minute.

Caitlin is a right little pocket rocket now.  Now that she's crawling (and quite adept at it), she's everywhere.  I've always said I don't have trouble or a problem running after her, but what is getting tiring is never getting 5mins to sit down and do something.  All part of a young family, I guess.

Another thing is that she is getting stronger on her legs.  She can get up onto her knees quite easily now and last night in the bath almost got up onto her feet before I stopped her out of concern for her slipping and banging her head on the bath.

Her speech is developing too.  It's no longer all 'dadadada' or 'babababa', she's using her tongue and it's starting to become 'jibberish' (technical term there folks), which is only a hyphenate away from her first word, really - while it will be sometime, she's not far off development wise.

Two weeks to go before her first birthday as well, so that should be a lot of fun.
Tags: baby achievement, caitlin

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