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My LG Plasma TV (Model RT-42PZ60) is currently displaying a pink screen for the AV-1 and TV modes.

I've done a bit of reading and it seems that something could have failed in the TV somewhere. It has shown up before now, although it was only once or twice in isolated incidents and I fixed it by turning it off and then on again. It was working fine at 3am this morning () but now it's showing the pink screen all the time effectively meaning it's unusable.

The TV itself is only 3.5 years old (purchased in Mid-2005), so I'm a bit surprised something has gone in it this early.

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How much warranty did you get on it?

I bumped my Bravia up to 5 years....

I wish you luck because after my nightmare expereince with a dud dishwasher hell will freeze over before I ever purchase another LG product. I will say no more for now...

hissychick xx

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