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Anyone want a $500 Ferrari?
Oh Noes!
Earlier today, some idiot wrapped Daddy's Ferrari around a telegraph pole.  Needless to say, the car is a complete write off.  I hope he is never allowed to drive again.
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I love the unbiased nature of news.com.au's reporting.

Sure the guy is a moron for doing what had to of been over 100km/h in suburban streets (judging from the impact, not from the "Zing, zing, zing" heard from the 3 blokes they asked) - but they have no fucking idea what car it was (360), nor whether or not it was his.

I truly doubt Daddy lets his Son fang the 360 around the neighbourhood.

I wonder if their insurance will pick up the tab? Most insurance is void if they can prove you were breaking the law, and well - you had to of been to almost tear it in two.

He'll be driving again as well - Laws apply differently to people who are rich as fuck. We both know that.

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