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It's times like these you can't wait till they turn eighteen...
Last night was horrible.  Caitlin was almost inconsolable for most of the night.  She has developed quite the attention seeking complex recently.  Combined with (what we suspect) pain from teething, she's crying every time she wakes up and then when we walk out of the room after settling her again.  By 3am, I ended up just shutting her door and let her cry it out.  She fell asleep 30 minutes later. 

When we checked on her this morning, she'd fallen asleep sitting up against the side of the cot with her legs through the gaps.  I felt horrible after that...

Candidate for one of your WWM08 awards, HissyChick? :-|

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It's horrible when they don't sleep...although from the sounds of your last post you've had it so unbelievably good until now. (Slept through from FOUR weeks?!)

My guess is either the start of the sep anxiety developmental leap or a troublesome tooth, although it's always a good idea to get ears checked when the sleep suddenly goes to pot too.

Miss Caitlin will cope from her session of CIO, it's hardly a WWM08 offense LOL. Sometimes both you and they get so tired that it's all that's left to do. Been there, done that... and that's coming from someone who boobs/cuddles and as a last resort co sleeps.

Take care

PS How's the name debate going?

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