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I get caught every single time!

Andrew! Get your mind out of the gutter. I know exactly what you will be thinking when you read that title! :) And no, it's not that! :P

Anyway, as I told you all in my previous post, my wife and I spent the weekend in Sydney. Primarily the trip was for a friends 21st Birthday party, but we did some other stuff as well.

I went to the Sydney Motor show with an old Uni mate of mine and his Girlfriend, while Sally went and did some shopping with a friend that came with us. We both mutually agreed that if we had to be with the other at the place they were at, we might have been a little hostile, as I am not one for trudging around the shops looking at anything and everything, whilst she isn't going to be too keen on the idea of walking around looking at cars for most of the day.

It's funny when I think about how Sally and I think of cars. We both think of them very different ways (hence my wanting to go to the motor show and her not :P). Sally will think of cars as a big metal box that gets us from Point A to Point B quickly, has four wheels and costs us money. Blunt, to the point and nevertheless, true. Basically she doesn't care less, as long as it works fine. Me, on the other hand, look at them totally different. I'm not saying Sally is wrong, totally the opposite. I quite agree with her point of view and don't dispute it (if I did, we'd be arguing for months and quite frankly that's not a very attractive thought). However, there is an extension to my thinking. I can't really explain it. I will like a car for it's shape, colour, how comfortable it is and how much room is in it in addition to the basics (ie cost, fuel consumption etc). It's hard to explain.

Anyway, at the motor show we wandered around for most of the morning just taking in all the exhibits and drooling over cars we wished we could have. I was most impressed by the new concept Holden were displaying, the SSX - which is a new competitor to Subaru. It's an All wheel drive, even though it's a V8 (drool :P) with a 4 doors and a hatchback. It looks pretty mean too. The new Ford GT Falcon looked pretty awesome too. I've mostly been a Holden fan, but, as it seems with a lot of people lately, the new BA Falcon is turning me towards Ford. However, I'm not what you call a devout fan to either Ford or Holden, I could quite happily drive either, but the new BA Falcon just looks cool, better than the new VY Commodore at least. :P My mate Paul (who I was at the Motor show with) would probably hang me for saying that. ;)
Apart from the Ferrari's, Lambourghini's and $380,000 Mercedes', it looked the same as a Car Dealership. So it wasn't that exciting. And my feet were mega sore after. But I had a good day.

The 21st part was pretty good, it was a cocktail party on the South Steyne on Darling Harbour. That went until about Midnight, a group of us (including the birthday girl) wandered around the clubs and pubs on Darling Harbour and then called it a night at about 1.30am. We got back to Epping (by train to where we had parked the car) at 3.15am So on paper, it looks like it took 1.5 hours to get from Central to Epping, but it was because of day light savings time kicking in, that we lost an hour that night (2am became 3am). Got back to where we were staying and crashed.

Sunday was pretty relaxed, I visited a friend of mine that I used to live with, from when I lived in Sydney a couple of years ago. We had some lunch and headed home, getting back to Bathurst around dinner time.

Phew... Man.. now... I forgot to explain the title... What I am referring to is Daylight Savings time kicking in. Because we had lost an hour on Saturday night, I haven't really made up with it in sleep hours. So it bit me on the ass this morning, because I slept in till 8.45am when I Had to be at work at 9am... And that happens every year without fail. Go figure! :)

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