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Stubbornness is a virtue... NOT!
Sally has decided that she is choosing Number #2's name and she's automatically discarding any option I put forward.  Her reasoning is that I chose Caitlin's name and that it's her 'turn' - which is incorrect (at least in my memory of things).

To begin with, it's pretty humiliating to have her turn her nose up at every single suggestion I make when she asks me for suggestions, but to me, the biggest thing is that it's not 'us' that is deciding when it should be.  I think my problem is not with the name she's chosen, but the way she's going about this - the whole defiant toddler-like stubbornness kind of attitude towards any suggestion I make.

I've tried talking with her about it, but I don't get anywhere with it.  I don't want to just 'give in' because it gives her the signal that she can just do this sort of thing anytime she wants.

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*bites tongue*

Mate there is no polite way I can say what I want to say about this - but at least things are consistent.

Um, it took two of you to make a child, and the two of you will raise it, you should both be happy with the name.

I let Geoff choose the name of his dog, because it was his dog, but a child is not a posession, or a one-up-manship point.

Just how did Caitlin get her name btw?
Perhaps your perception of the choice is different to hers?

p.s. It doesn't matter what people pick, its what is filled out on the birth certificate.... ;)

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