Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Stubbornness is a virtue... NOT!

Sally has decided that she is choosing Number #2's name and she's automatically discarding any option I put forward.  Her reasoning is that I chose Caitlin's name and that it's her 'turn' - which is incorrect (at least in my memory of things).

To begin with, it's pretty humiliating to have her turn her nose up at every single suggestion I make when she asks me for suggestions, but to me, the biggest thing is that it's not 'us' that is deciding when it should be.  I think my problem is not with the name she's chosen, but the way she's going about this - the whole defiant toddler-like stubbornness kind of attitude towards any suggestion I make.

I've tried talking with her about it, but I don't get anywhere with it.  I don't want to just 'give in' because it gives her the signal that she can just do this sort of thing anytime she wants.
Tags: sally and i

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