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When does a car stop being a car?
One for you motor heads and geeks out there.

Today's SMH has an article about the announced Land Speed Record attempt by the folks who currently hold the record.  They've announced that their planned 'car' will consist of two rockets and a jet engine and that they hope to reach speeds of 1600km/h+.

I read the article and wondered to myself when does a car actually stop being a car?  I mean, the way I classify a car is a vehicle with 4 wheels and has an engine driving those wheels to carry someone from point a to point b.  This thing, in my mind, isn't a car anymore.  It's an object on wheels, that has a couple of rockets attached to it to push it along.  The rockets or engine aren't driving the wheels.  How is it different to an aeroplane with no wings or even a rocket on it's side?

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Sure, it's not a car, but are they trying to break the "Land Speed Record As Set In A Car, With Said Car Adhering To These Strict Guidelines", or are they trying to break the "Land Speed Record"? If it has wheels, and runs along the ground, it qualifies to break speed records as set on land.

Why does it need wheels? Surely a Sled would be easier (lack of bearing for a start...).

I was referencing the machine in question, but yeah, absolutely, I agree.

I think the rules required to attempt a land speed record specify it to have wheels...

"The land speed record is the fastest speed achieved by any wheeled vehicle on land, as opposed to one on water or in the air or on rails. It is standardized as the speed over a course of fixed length, averaged over two runs in opposite directions."

From Wikipedia

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