Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Lord of the Ring

I ended up getting myself a new Wedding ring today.  The original ring got out of shape and has not fit my finger for about 18 months now, so Sally and I picked out a new ring, albeit a simple one (I'm not into fancy jewellery).  Unfortunately it was a tad big for my finger - at the time I didn't think it'd be an issue - but I lost it.  Well, to be truthful, I can't remember if I lost it or I put it down somewhere and have since forgotten where, but the same outcome remains - I have no idea where it is.

This was some three months ago, at least, and recently I've been a bit thingy about it.  I've had several attempts at looking for it, with no luck, so today I bought myself a new one.  Not having a Wedding ring has weighed on my mind for the last couple of months (Shock! Horror! Chris is growing up!), when it didn't really bother me when my original ring no longer fitted.

The new ring isn't flash, it's a simple silver ring, which I like.  I also made sure it wouldn't come off too easily.
Tags: me

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