Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Noise Pollution Weekend

I was up at Mount Panorama helping the Bathurst Light Car Club with their parking duties between 6 am and midday on Saturday.  Thanks to daylight savings, it was dark when we started, but got light quite quickly.  The time passed pretty quickly, surprisingly, with the exception of the last 30minutes as there were less cars coming in.  The majority of the car park was full by 11am and there were very few idiots compared to when I did the same duties a couple of years ago.

After I finished, I went into the circuit to meet up with friends of mine from Dubbo who were marshalling this year.  We found a spot very close to the finish line to watch the support races and the Top Ten Shootout which was very enjoyable to watch.  I got some photos of the cars and other vehicles as well.

I didn't end up going back to the race on the Sunday as I didn't want to go up by myself so I watched it on TV on and off during the day.

Oh, and a stupid Ford won.

Tags: racing

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