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Baby On The Move
The long weekend has come and gone, too quickly for my liking (and probably everyone else's). Saturday was the LAN, the only one that's been held on a long weekend, Sunday was spent mowing and tidying up around the place and Monday was more cleaning and relocating my wireless internet antenna.

Caitlin is very mobile now, moving around, albeit backwards, quite freely.  You only take your eyes off her for a minute and she's moved, as little kids can only do so well.  We have finally entered the phase where you really do need to keep an eye on her.  Before now, we could happily place her on the play mat and she'd remain there and play with her toys.  Now, she's off and checking things out like the dining chairs, the ironing board (that one freaked Sal out), the heater vent (luckily it's off now).

Mind you, I welcome this phase and her increased mobility as it is a bit more exciting around the place now. :) I'll be happy when she's walking as then I don't have to pick her up all the time (she's getting heavy!).

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Hooray for Caitlin!

Don't wish for too much mobility too quickly though...I can attest that having a fifteen and a half month old who can run, climb virtually anything and is completely fearless is not that great on the old nerves ;-P

hissychick xx

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