Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Truck + Car = Squished!

I was down town earlier today getting some lunch, when I happened upon an accident at an intersection (said intersection is only 40 metres from where I got my lunch and it seemed to have happened while I was there getting my lunch as I didn't notice the Police cars while I was waiting at said intersection).

From the vehicles involved, it looked like a B-double truck had run up the back of a Holden Commodore sitting at the lights. Purely a speculation, of course, the Commodore could have pulled in front of it. Anyway, I was surprised by the amount of damage caused to the truck. For a truck versus a car, you'd expect the car to come off pretty badly and the truck to be pretty strong, but in this case, the whole lower part of the grill (imagine the front of the truck - a flat nosed truck - about halfway down from the top to the bottom all smashed in) and considering it was a VN or VR Commodore (read: not necessarily built like a tank), I was quite surprised.

It was enough damage, in fact, that the truck was going to be hauled away by a truck tow-truck. The damage to the Commodore consisted of the boot being compressed to non-existant - which probably resulted in a stuffed fuel tank but the front two-thirds (from the rear axle forwards) looked ok.
Tags: weird

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