Chris (bovinator) wrote,

House training Dad: Episode 2

I had a day off work today to look after Caitlin and another enjoyable day was spent by father and daughter.  Caitlin had her 10 month appointment at the Community Health Centre to measure her weight, height and other measurements in a check to make sure she's growing healthily etc.

After dropping Sal off at work, we went back home to get her little blue book which we record all such information - we've been house sitting at Sal's parents house this week, so we didn't have it with us.

At the centre, we measured her weight (10.6kgs) and her height (71.5cm).  The nurse checked a few other things and declared Caitlin was a normal, healthy girl.  The nurse and I chatted about her development and her ecszma and finished up in about 20 mins.  By this time, Caitlin was pretty tired, it was about the time for her morning sleep, so I took her back home and put her to bed.

While she was asleep, I could do some washing, clean the floors and air the house out.  Caitlin slept for about 2 hours (which is great!), so after a bottle we headed down town for some lunch with my Dad in the park.  I bought Caitlin a mini sub from Subway.  While she couldn't eat the sandwhich, I pulled it apart and fed bits of it to her, which she polished off earnestly.

After lunch, we headed back to Yarrabin to do some more house work and Caitlin had another 2 hour sleep.

All in all a pleasant day.  Back to work tomorrow :(
Tags: caitlin, stay at home dad

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