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Daddy's getting outnumbered!
Sal's halfway with her pregnancy now, and the ultrasound went smoothly. Everything seemed in working order and there's nothing missing. We found out the sex too, Sal was pretty keen to find out.

It's a girl!  

We have some printouts of the ultrasound, I'll scan them sometime soon, but Sal has them at work at the moment.

Sal's happy to stop at two children too, which I am as well.  Part of me is disappointed we don't/won't have a boy.  Maybe a third might come along one day.

Edit: I'm telling everyone anyway, so I've done away with the lj cut.

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"part of me is disappointed we don't/won't have a boy" isn't under the cut.

More to the point "Daddy's getting outnumbered" suggests to the fact that there is too many women around the place...

Nice Try though.


Well spotted, I was trying to be too tricky I guess...

Ah well.

well done christopher noel!


Congrats my friend. I may be biased but two daughter households rock.

Hissychick xx

You're not the one outnumbered though ;)

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