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That's sticking yer teeth into it!
Caitlin has started to get her second tooth coming through now, so soon she'll have two baby teeth in her bottom jaw.  She's also getting a hair cut today, so she'll look very cute tonight.

We also suspect she might suffer hay fever as well, as the last couple of mornings she's had a horrible runny nose and this morning, she looked pretty out of it.  She's not displaying any other symptoms of a cold or anything either (the runny nose stops by the afternoon).  We're not overly worried about it, but we're just keeping an eye on it.

I went to check out Mitchell Child Care today too in the hope we could get Caitlin and No. 2 in mid way through next year.  It turns out that Mitchell's waiting list is over 12 months long!  What does that say about the centre when there are vacancies at nearly every other child care centre (though not many), but the waiting list is massive here?  Apparently the demand for child care in the 0-3 years range is exceedingly high in Bathurst.  I picked up a waiting list form for both Kidlets anyway, we can hope still.
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